Winprod 08

Winprod 08
Label : Winprod
Pistes : 4
Année : 2021
Pays : FR
Format : 12"
Classification : Hardtek / Tribe / Mental
Artistes : Square / C.Ysma / 1NC1N / Eliewin / Speejay / Samoth

The WINPROD 08 is fresh !!

A side from Square is a in-Spirally tune full of that old school sound we love. BIG !
C.Ysme and 1NC1N then brings a Techno mental progressive track, whales acid shouts !

The Flip starts with a collab EP with hidden names sutch as Elie and Win : as you can expect from them we got here an Acid-Bath. Deep and banging !
Samoth and Speejay from Exit 23 finish the EP with a minimal tribe tunes. Very beatiful as well as very dancefloor... Something that totally match with Spered Acid Night release by the way...

Finally this EP brings 4 real bombastic tunes, each having something to say, a story-telling de ouf.

enjoy !!!

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