Improvised Beats 05

Improvised Beats 05
Label : Improvised Beats
Pistes : 8
Année : 2019
Pays : FR
Format : LP
Classification : Hardtek / Tribe / Mental / Autres / Xp / ...
Artistes : 69DB

Let It In on the A-Side is a banging 69 Sound... back to the early 90's... Rough kick for a sound experience... The Flip is an Ambient level... Compared to the ImproBeat 01 we here have a two dot one thing, with many more sound changes and still... taking your time with a kind of 70's naive feeling... that mayb irritate some... but let it out... Impro Beats... or no Beats ! Except the one of your heart !
Visual By by 69db and feenix 13 !

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