Tenebreuse Musique 50

Tenebreuse Musique 50
Label : Tenebreuse Musique
Pistes : 5
Année : 2017
Pays : FR
Format : 12"
Classification : Hardtek / Tribe / Mental / Acid Techno / Acid Core / Electro / Break
Artistes : Mr Gasmask / Negative Glitch / Degrader

Opening on a super tune from Mr Gasmask, this Ep then explore a Dark Electro sound that really deserve a BIG UP : Negative Glitch... new comer in a Somatic response state of mind, maybe a bit more Technoïd and less electro, and more DJ friendly... But really solid in the beat and the mabiances... The EP finish with a superb Degrader tune, mental to death... With a heavy Heart.

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