Jarring Effects 114 LP

Jarring Effects 114 LP
Label : Jarring Effects
Pistes : 9
Année : 2013
Pays : FR
Format : 2x12"
Classification : Dub / Ragga / Jungle / Bass / Dubstep / Grime
Artistes : Kaly Live Dub

(One extra tune exclusive on vinyl here !) This album brings a large pannel of the Khali Live Dub Experience. Melting the Steppa and the bass music experience to their dark electronic style... But, somehow i guess a few of their public will think it turns a bit too «pop».. Actually this is an intersting question to ask... But the answer is propably that the important point is they didn't lost their soul with this transformation. And, personnaly i tlike this album a lot ! Big Up ! And superb sleeve !

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