Dosis Decibel 10

Dosis Decibel 10
Label : Dosis Decibel
Pistes : 4
Année : 2017
Pays : NL
Format : 12" Color
Classification : Hardtek / Tribe / Mental / Acid Techno / Acid Core
Artistes : Sam C

Banging not-so-mental core... Starting with a tune melting incideously the crossbreed and the Mentalcore... this offer a real change towards any other tunes (expt maybe some of the Hit'N'Run tunes)... The secodn tune is kind of on the same vibe with a little Hip Hop feeling thanks to a syncopated structure. B side opens on a regular Acid DDB style tune... sweet violence. Last track goes like every B2 on DDB, junglistic and acid, dancefloor and original. .. Ah and one more thing : this is the first DDB with a Sam C full EP ! Alone. If i can say:)

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