Jahtari LP 09

Jahtari LP 09 Jahtari LP 09
Label : Jahtari
Pistes : 8
Année : 2017
Pays : UK
Format : LP
Classification : Dub / Ragga / Jungle
Artistes : Waqwaq Kingdom

Next level sounds coming from the Science Ninja Team WaqWaq Kingdom, re-charting dub
territory as we know it with their highly addictive post-tribal epic Shinsekai (“New World”).
Driven by the trimba (a percussion instrument developed and mastered by Moondog) of Andrea
Belfi (Nils Frahm, Nonkeen, Mike Watt) - the ethereal voice of Kiki Hitomi (King Midas, Black
Chow) is twisting through a fog of swirling arpeggiators and polyrhythmic textures, all brought
together beautifully by bass- and mayhem expert Shigeru Ishihara (DJ Scotch Egg, Seefeel).
‘Shinsekai’ develops its very own language as each of the hypnotic tracks meanders through
different stages of deepness and tension, evolving into the bigger picture of an album with a
dazzling amount of intrinsic details.
Stunning artwork by Simon Fowler (Sunn O))), The Bug and many more), done in Hanga / relief
printing style. Guest vocals on “Step Into The World” by Kathy Alberici. Mastered and cut for extra
heaviness by Pole / Scapemastering Berlin.
WaqWaq [pron.: Wa-Ku Wa-Ku], Definition: to flutter or fly.
Shinsekai New World, refers to the periphery of severe poverty and destitution in Osaka,
Japan. Called Nishinari-ku it is home to many beautiful people.

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